I am the only person in the entire world that…

July 17, 2008 at 12:49 am Leave a comment

owns a brand new iPhone 3g, is within 11 in. of it, and can’t get to it.  

It just fell behind the back seat of this Catalyst Vanagan I’m riding on.  In order to get to it, we’ll have to  remove at least two bolts and one latch.  I’ve already dropped it on the pavement once.

I promise I try to take care of my stuff – especially my state-of-the-art stuff.  But, somehow…

My sandals broke yesterday while I was merely eating at a table.

My new Oakley’s are at the bottom of lake altoona.  (I tried buying cheap sunglasses once, but I couldn’t seem to lose those- which of course defeats the purpose of buying cheap sunglasses)

And, all but 2 pairs of my jeans have bacci ball sized holes worn into the knees.  Some mornings when I’m putting them on I accidentally step right through the knees instead of the cuff.  This turns my jean pants into jean shorts with attached denim wind socks. 

Any suggestions?


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